We are a group of volunteers who have been working together since 2014, bringing fun, safe and creative environments for families and children to free community events and festivals in Northampton. You may have seen us at Umbrella Fair, National Playday or the Bardic Picnic, with our vibrantly decorated marquee, giant bed, inviting Baby Lounge, wild storytellers and innovative arts and crafts. Or maybe you have caught us at one of our smaller workshops, demonstrating and helping participants to create new things from old, making things from nature or painting banners and sewing backdrops.

We believe that art focused activities help to develop emotional intelligence and expression, as well as giving an increased sense of belonging and attachment when incorporated into a shared experience. We wish to pass on the skills and knowledge we have to all families, so that parents and children can confidently engage in accessible creative activities together, which can easily be recreated at home, so the fun can continue!

We are The Family Folk. We hope you enjoy our website and we hope to see you soon at one of our events.